September 25, 2012 – SABAR awarded the Award of Excellence for 2012 in the Aboriginal category the Canadian Race Relations Foundation (CRRF)

On behalf of the Canadian Race Relations Foundation (CRRF), I would like to congratulate you for winning the Award of Excellence for 2012 in the Aboriginal category. We received 32 nominations from across Canada for consideration in the following categories: Aboriginal, Education, Community, Corporate, Government and Youth.

An independent Award of Excellence Jury assessed each submission according to the following criteria: impact, education, anti-racism principles,  tangible outcomes and effects change, innovative and creative, leadership and empowerment, partnerships, sustainability, and commitment, the CRRF have awarded SABAR the Award of Excellence for 2012 in the Aboriginal category.

Details of the symposium and Award ceremony are posted on the CRRF website: www.crrf-fcrr.ca


The Strategic Alliance of Broadcasters for Aboriginal Reflection (SABAR)
is a group of Canadian broadcasters and Aboriginal organizations working to increase the contribution and representation of Aboriginal people in all aspects of the Canadian broadcast industry. Jointly initiated by Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Affairs Canada and a diverse group of broadcasters and industry-related organizations in 2003, SABAR examines opportunities for Aboriginal participation in targeted areas such as internships, scholarships, partnerships with Aboriginal organizations and participation at job and career fairs targeting Aboriginal people.

All broadcasters and industry-related organizations are welcome to join SABAR.

Our Mission
SABAR is a vehicle for promoting and increasing the contribution and reflection of Aboriginal Peoples within the Canadian broadcast industry.

Main Objective
To facilitate the opportunities for increased Aboriginal participation in the Canadian broadcasting industry.This will be done by
  • Increasing Aboriginal participation within the broadcasting industry through active recruitment and retention measures;
  • Increasing the perspective and reflection of Aboriginal Peoples in Canadian programming;
  • Heightening awareness of broadcasting as a career choice among Aboriginal youth;
  • Identifying and addressing barriers in the recruitment, retention and advancement of Aboriginal Peoples in the broadcast industry;
  • Partnering with Aboriginal organizations, e.g. access points, mentorships, scholarships, internships, programs;
  • Focusing on building relationships with stakeholders (target audiences); and
  • Raising awareness of and providing guidance to address gaps in the current Aboriginal broadcast curriculums.