Ways to determine the source and cause of wet basements

Remember the times when you were a child, and you dreaded going to the basement since it was dark, gloomy and damp? Storing anything down there meant getting damaged due to the flooding or waterlogging that it witnessed and was something that was not our territory back then.

Since we are all grown up now and know why the basement is always wet and damp, it is time that we fix the problem and not live with it all our lives. While ignoring the water isn’t the solution and keeping the house dry is what should be our motto, there are ways to keep the area dry all the time and not make it a dreadful area of the house. Experts for wet basement repair Toronto agree that wet basements can lead to the weak foundation while deteriorating the longevity of the house and making you spend money over and over again to fix the foundation.

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Find the source of water

Water doesn’t appear out of nowhere in the basement. It could be tricking from the ceiling above or even seeping in from the walls in the sides. There is the need to check the exact source of water leakage where you could either find out yourself or let an expert help you. Experts for wet basement repair in Toronto have their own ways of concluding. Only then can you take the next step to prevent water leakage.

Take care of the problem at the soonest

The moment you have figured out the place of leakage and how the basement gets wet, it is time to take necessary actions. Considering working on your basement and getting rid of the humid air can help to a certain extent. Sealing dryer vents or putting up a vent fan can help to a certain extent. Setting up a dehumidifier in the basement can also helping to keep the place dry. Some find insulation pipes a quick solution to drier basements.

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Doing all of this when the water leaks from the outside may lead to mould issues.

This is one reason why there is the need to determine from where there is the leakage. Once you are sure that the water isn’t coming in from the outsides, insulating walls can help out with reducing the effect of condensation from the concerned basement. Putting up gutters and downspouts can also help to a certain extent. Installing them with help from experts for wet basement repair in Toronto would ensure that the water comes down directly from the gutter to the downspout and out without trickling into the basement or moving here and there while reaching the basement somehow.

You may find problems such as the presence of cracks and holes in the basement which needs to be fixed. It could be hairline cracks or bigger ones, all of it needs equal attention.

Checking it yourself or allowing an expert for wet basement repair in Toronto to help out would ensure that you are concerned about keeping the basement dry. Using Epoxy cement or hydraulic cement can help with sealing things up.